Where to Find the Best Cakes in San Diego

If there was a star of the show for every celebration, it would no doubt be the cake made for the occasion. Nothing can compare to a beautiful tower covered in icing as your centerpiece and there is nothing like its sweetness to remind you of the good times. And because it shines above everything else, you should always carefully choose what kind of cake you will get.

Truly, San Diego is a big city with a lot of sellers offering you the things you need. A lot of San Diego cake shops will promise you just about anything to get you to buy from them, making it very difficult to pick the best one. To make things easier for you, here is a list (in no particular order) of not just the good, but the absolute best cake stores in San Diego.

Shop Number 1: Nothing Bundt Cakes

In the neighborhood of Mission Valley, San Diego, there is this bakery called Nothing Bundt Cakes. This famous bakery of cakes started due to the efforts of two friends who wanted to start a pastry shop that can cater perfectly to the taste buds of the people in the neighborhood. After time, sweat, effort and a lot of sugary love, they were able to put up Nothing Bundt Cakes.

The people of San Diego love their cakes. Every person who was able to taste the products from Nothing Bundt Cakes has said that the way they make their cakes are so extraordinarily perfect. They say it is sweet, moist, and tickles every inch on their taste buds. Their cakes are presented in a certain playful, wistful manner.

Nothing Bundt Cakes has a wide selection of flavors. They have your classic chocolate chip and red velvet cakes but they also have unique flavors such as white chocolate raspberry cake and pumpkin spice. This bakery is definitely a place where you can find the best custom cakes in San Diego as they do your cakes as how you want them done.

Nothing Bundt Cakes  is also perfect for drive-in customers in San Diego who just want a small piece of goodness to lighten up their day as they serve smaller pieces of cakes.

Shop Number 2: European Cake Gallery

Do you have a San Diego wedding coming up? Well, here is the perfect place to get your wedding cakes in San Diego!

Located at the heart of Point Loma, European Cake Gallery is especially known for their wedding cakes that are of high quality but come in very reasonable prices. People say that the first thing you should order from this San Diego bakery is the Swiss Black Forest. It is their specialty as they were the first one to think of putting a different twist to the good old Black Forest.

As for their wedding cakes, they have a variety of flavors to choose from, and you are guaranteed to get the amount of cake that can serve all your guests in perfect quantity and quality!

They have wedding cakes available in white Bavarian, truffle, German chocolate, carrot cake and of course their signature black forest. They are also very meticulous in how they design their wedding cakes, and they let you help them design it. You can choose how your cake will look like.

Visit European Cake Gallery San Diego and try out their cakes, most especially their pride, the Swiss Black Forest.

Shop Number 3: Let ‘Em Eat Cake

One of San Diego’s best kept secrets is this home-based shop known for all things good. It is called Let ‘Em Eat Cake, and it is a shop that is extremely well known for making the finest custom cakes in San Diego. People come in this shop with orders after another.

Jeffery A. Dean, who is the owner and head chef of this San Diego bakery, is an artist who considers cakes as his canvas. The nice thing about this shop is that you can personalize your cakes in the way you want them too.

The kinds of cakes they make are ridiculous sin number! From birthday cakes to wedding cakes to know-the-gender-of-your-child kind of cake… You name it, they have it! If they don’t have it, they will make it!

As for the taste, their cakes are known to be flavorful and very customizable to the fittings of your taste buds. The owner guarantees you that a slice will definitely make you crave more.

Even though Let ‘Em Eat Cakes is merely done from home, the flavors available are numerous. They have Tres Leches, Strawberry Shortcake, Double Chocolate Chip Sin-Sation, Black Forest, German Chocolate, Red Velvet, Carrot Cake and a lot more to choose from.

Despite its tiny shop in San Diego, Let ‘Em Eat Cakes exudes professionalism and offers really great customer service. Short notice cakes are accepted and long term ones are always worth the wait.

Although they are not as commercial as the others, they make their cakes as if they are serving for royalty. Perhaps it is safe to say that Let ‘Em Eat Cakes makes the best birthday cakes in San Diego as well as cakes for any kind of celebration. They taste exceptional, they can be highly personalized, and they most definitely treat every customer as kings and queens. There is nothing more you can ask for with this shop in San Diego!

There is so much more that San Diego has to offer, but these three are the best the will definitely fill up that centerpiece space in your life’s greatest celebrations.