What can you find at Krave Organic Food in Vancouver?

Finding organic food at a reasonable price has become quite a challenge.  This is what you will find there:

Fruits and Vegetables

The store includes organic fruits such as bananas, Bartlett pears, cherry tomatoes, kiwis, hass avocado, lemons, Valencia oranges, and many more.  All your cooking organic vegetables are also found here: spring salad mix, table carrots, onion, mushrooms, yams, etc.

Dairy Products

You will find salted and unsalted butter, several types of cheese, cream, eggs, milk, and, of course, yogurt.


This selection includes beef, pork, fish, poultry, bones, bacon, and sausage – all organically raised.

Health and Beauty

The store also delivers products aimed at improving one’s health and also beautifying as an added benefit.  The products sold in this department include shampoo and conditioner from Jason, Tom´s toothpaste, and cleaning soaps.  There are also options for those who need nutritional supplements such as vitamins and tinctures.


For those who wish to bake a fully organic cake or any baked goods, there are also fantastic organic options. All kinds of delicious breads are found and at a great price. The selection includes breads, ingredients for baking, cookies, brownies, pastry, and tortillas.


A very healthy choice for between meals.  The products available are chocolate, cookies, nuts and fruits, chips and crackers, and salsa and dips.


Drinks include coffee, of course, besides other great options.  There is almond, coconut, rice, and soya milk as well as a great selection of teas.


There is more in Krave Organic Food in Vancouver than you would find in any other supermarket. The store is located right here in Vancouver or you can shop online.