Variety Indonesian Food Recipes

Tongseng is Indonesaia is a kind of specialities Coconut Curry with herbs that are more “sharp”. A more obvious difference is in the use of his flesh. Tongseng made using meat that is still attached to the bone, especially spare ribs and spine. Tongseng generally use goat meat, though there are also tongseng beef and Buffalo. In addition, into a thick gravy included vegetables such as cauliflower, garlic, tomato, and soy sauce. The seasoning is stir-stir the mixture of salt, garlic, soy sauce, and pepper. Tongseng usually sold along with goat sate. Tongseng considered typical regional food Solo and surrounding areas, but there are also variations Tongseng meat suir know in Kebumen (wikipedia).

Actually, there are two kinds of variation type of recipe tongseng circulating in Indonesia, namely community tongseng with coconut milk and goat togseng recipe without coconut milk. For our occasion will make the recipe with coconut milk so that Goat Tongseng results are legit and savory. For the making of a recipe this time around, the main raw material of goat meat should be boiled before use. The meat is not boiling process and need to be washed till half done this is to replace the process of washing the meat. In addition this process is also done to eliminate the typical goat smell which usually affect the aroma cuisine goat tongseng and so that the meat is more tender moments in the meal. For more details, please see the detail spices tongseng and how to make a cookbook goat tongseng below.

Ingredients ingredients and Marinade Recipes Goat Tongseng :

The main material used is 600 grams of goat meat. Boil the first parboiled to remove odors and dirt prengus dirt is attached to.

Great medium-size garlic as much as 5 pcs. Peel and discard the Peel (a subtle seasoning).

The Pecan Roasted as much as 5 pcs (seasoning).

Ginger peeled his skin along the 3 cm (seasoning).

Localized onion medium-size large as much as approximately 6-7 pcs (seasoning).

Pepper grains as 6 pcs or can be replaced seikit powder pepper (seasoning).

The cilantro as much as approximately 1.5 small spoon or teaspoon (herbs).

Turmeric is already burned and peeled so that more fragrant along 4-5 cm (seasoning).

Iodized table salt more or less as much as 2.5 small spoon.

Clean water for cooking the broth was more or less as much as 1.5 liters.

Bay leaf is already in the washing NET as much as 3 pieces.

Coconut milk extracted from the juice of the coconut fruit as much as 1200 ml.

Galangal that’s already bruised by more or less all 3 cm.

Vegetables Cauliflower was more or less as much as 200 grams. Clean and cut into small rectangular box box.

Localized onion 3 pcs. Peel and cut thin thin the broth to the mixture.

The bruised Lemongrass stalk approximately 1 pcs. Take the white part only.

Tomatoes Green raw medium-size by as much as 1-2 pcs. Clean wash and cut into pieces.

Cayenne or less as 6 pcs. Cut into small little rough. Can be added in a rather spicy.

Leeks are already washed clean as much of the shaft. Small little pieces.

Sweet soy condensed as much as 4-5 tablespoons.

Cooking oil for sautéing to taste.

How to make Recipes Goat Tongseng :

Prepare one pot and fill with clean water to taste. Stew meat back on top and add the bay leaf in it until tender. Drain and cut into small little goat meat to taste.

While waiting for the meat is soft and tender, prepare one pot again and enter coconut milk. Simmer on medium heat while stirring stir.

Enter the marinade seasoning smooth into stew in coconut milk and add 2 pieces of bay leaf, Lemongrass, salt and galangal. Stir to blend well back until the coconut milk to a boil and then turn off.

Take steel frying pan and fill the oil to taste. Saute the onion in thin slices and the pepper to taste cut already cut.

Enter a new meat is already soft and cut pieces into a stir fry. Stir again briefly to smell fragrant.

Insert the 250 grams of cabbage already cut pieces into a stir fry. Fry again until the cauliflower was a bit wilted.

Add the sweet soy sauce creamy taste convenient place (use a good result so that the sauce is delicious). Stir with stir fry ingredients other ingredients until blended and mixed it all.

Stir in the coconut milk over into steel stir fry stirring return with all the ingredients and spices to a boil. Remember the stirring process should not stop in order not to break the coconut milk.

Last insert chunks of leeks and green tomatoes. Stir again and cook on medium heat till all the ingredients are cooked.

The last taste before serving.

To look and feel more attractive, sprinkle over dishes of goat tongseng fried shallots. Serve this Tasty Goat Tongseng Recipes with shrimp or white cracker cracker and a plate of rice that is still warm. Definitely guaranteed to all members of the family will be heartily enjoyed it. When friends plan to make tongseng goat meat to children, we recommend the use of cayenne pepper can be eliminated.