Cooking with Camu

Many times, even the best chefs look to books for  great authentic recipes. Although these days we have computers where we can search almost any recipe, the best way to get authentic recipes is from a book of that culture.

We all know France and Italy are known for great food. But did you know that different cities in each country have different recipes they are known for? Actually, many countries, states, cities, or even towns have a  different recipes that they are known for.

A great Chef had once told me it is very important to build your culinary library. Ofcourse I can go to any book store or cooking store and purchase books but how would I know if they are really authentic or not? I would need to travel around the world to get authentic books.

So, I came up with a plan!

My mom plans a trip to Europe every year. When she came back, she surprised me with a few cooking books from Spain.

Then it finally hit me. I can ask any family or friends who travel to purchase authentic books for me. Personally,I always ask for books with many pictures because I am a very visual cook and admire looking at food porn.  I’ve realized that I was able to build up my library with authentic books without having to travel. Now, don’t get me wrong. I do not mind traveling at all. But as a college student, it is not that easy.

I began building my library and now have books from Spain, Italy, France, Belgium, Argentina, Peru, Bavaria, and more. I also ask for books with many pictures because I enjoy seeing what the recipes look like or their style of plating. I even get books that are in their native languages so I try to translate or guess what the ingredients are.

I have  been brought menus from different restaurants including the Eiffel tower, and many pictures of dishes my friends or family have eaten from around the world.

Although I don’t personally pick out my books or indulge in all those wonderful meals, I am able to learn a lot and prepare for my time to travel the world and best of all, build my culinary library from around the world.