Cook Like a Pro With These 6 Cooking Apps

There are literally hundreds of cooking apps out there that you could load into your smart phone or tablet device. There’s certainly no dearth of apps on cooking for a mobile gadget these days. The trick is knowing which ones are the best, so you don’t clutter yourself with a whole bunch of stuff you won’t really use. Here are six suggested best cooking apps available today, designed to save time and effort in the kitchen. The best cooking apps have a few features in common: a sleek interface that is simple to browse, elegant and sumptuous looking food images, and a first-rate selection of recipes. Some of the best added features like automatic shopping lists, how-to cooking videos and nutrition information are also a plus. Here are some great choices.

1. BigOven

BigOven is a free cooking app that is packed with more than 250,000 of the best recipes out there. The menu is as diverse as there are tastes and appetites, and includes new versions of some classic recipes. You can also drag and drop recipes into a calendar on a daily, weekly or monthly schedule to help you get organized ahead of time. $15 dollars can get you the Pro version, which can automate the creation of your grocery list. Sharing of recipes via social media is also a feature. To date, over eight million have downloaded BigOven. So what are you waiting for? This is clearly one of the best cooking apps out there.

2. How to Cook Everything

Initially, you might get the impression that this cooking app at $4.99 is pricey. How to Cook Everything may seem just a tad expensive, until you make a closer examination, and you will realize it’s one of the best bargains out there. What you get is all 2,000 recipes from Mark Bittman’s book that goes by the same name. The published version of the book will set you back $20. How’s that for a good deal? The interface is quite smooth, even if there are no pictures to augment the recipes. Some of the bells and whistles to come with apps like this is a cooking timer and shopping list. How to Cook Everything probably has more cooking instruction than any other cooking apps. There are also videos dealing with a lot of topics ranging from how to sharpen knives to how to roast a chicken. It’s a one stop shop that’s a must companion in the kitchen.

3. The ChefTap Recipe

Mimicking the pre smart phone days when we would tear off pages of a recipe from a favorite a magazine, or copy direction to a piece of paper, this app borrows that old school concept and applies it to today’s digital technology. The ChefTap Recipe for Android allows you to import from any website or blog simply by dragging it in. You can bookmark practically anything that tickles your culinary fancy. With this app, you can collect a myriad of the best cooking ideas from Pinterest, Food Network, tasteofhome, homecooking, or just about anywhere on the web where there is a recipe.

4. Simply Organic Recipes

What mobile device would be complete without the best health conscious organic cooking apps? Simply Organic is a no nonsense recipe mobile application that takes the difficulty out of serving healthy and nutritious meals. Simply Organic uses a random recipe database if you just want a quick dinner recipe. There are a dozens of categories to choose from, with ofcourse, vegetarian entrees and even healthy choices for children. It also allows you to manage and arrange your recipes in a number of ways that will be easy for you to draw them out later, and making it a breeze to locate favorite dishes. Naturally, nutrition facts are always at your finger tips in this health conscious cooking app. The only downside to Simply Organic is it does not have images.

5. Weber’s On the Grill

Carnivores listen up! Weber’s On the Grill is the app to have for anyone really into meat. You get more than 250 illustrated recipes, with mouth watering pictures making you want to start the grill. Like most recipe apps, Weber’s On the Grill comes with a shopping list and a section that features all time favorites. It is abundant with how-to articles if you’re not yet savvy cooking on a grill. There is an integrated grill timer, as well as a ‘doneness calculator,’ which guides you on cooking times for from rare to well done, and depending on the kind of meat you are cooking. At $4.99, Weber’s On the Grill doesn’t seem pricey especially if you like to cook your meat to perfection.

6. Jamie Oliver’s 20 Minute Meals

If you must have a celebrity chef branded app, very few would dispute getting one from the amicable Jamie Oliver. It’s a great source of the best ideas, and very well-designed. Even at $7.99 it’s a steal with all the features. The detail and step-by-step instructions for each recipe presume not everyone is comfortable working in the kitchen. The recipes are definitely straightforward to do. There’s even a tab that lets you tweak the ingredients based on how many you are cooking for. The only thing disagreeable with it is it comes with a paltry 60 recipes, quite a drastically lower number compared to other cooking apps. Still, Jamie Oliver’s 20 Minute Meals is so well executed that it still one of the must-have apps.

If you are a novice cook and wish to whip up something special for your friends and family, choose among these apps for your smart phone and you are good to go! You can be sure that these apps will make your cooking experience more interesting.