9 Tips on How to Style Your Own Dessert Table

Dessert tables are quite fun to play around with. Before anything, decide on a theme. Think about who your guests will be first and what they might want to have for dessert. For example, if you are having children over, don’t get too fancy or messy. Some reliable desserts could be cupcakes, chocolate dipped marshmallows, Rice Krispies treats, cake pops, or chocolate covered Oreos. Once you have made up your mind on a theme or color scheme for your party, you could make a simple backdrop for your spread. Fabric is a popular choice, whether you use cut fabric, drapes, a shower curtain or tablecloth is really up to you. If possible, set up your table in front of a natural backdrop, like trees or flowers, or in front of a nice part of the venue like a brick wall. When you remember a memorable occasion whether that is a birthday party, baby shower, or wedding reception, what you usually remember are the little details seamlessly coming together. For a truly success celebration, get inspired by creating a nice dessert table that people will remember.

Here are some dessert table ideas you could incorporate into almost any theme for dessert tables you have in mind.


Pay close attention to the colors and hues of the desserts to make sure they blend visually. One trick to add counterpoint is to limit the number of colors you use. Harmony will begin with the visual, and the taste will be even more magnified once people dig in.


Use different heights to create depth. This simple trick makes everything more visually attractive. Make use of varying sizes of cake stands as well as dessert trays. Wrapping boxes creatively in attractive paper and placing containers on top of them is also a terrific way to create many levels. Vary the height and the placement of the desserts in order to make a sumptuous composition.


Make use of apothecary jars. These accents are always lovely. Shop around since you can usually find them on sale at specialty stores.


Should you intend to add party printables to your set-up, print them on glossy brochure paper to make them stand out. If you need a source for nice party printables take a look at the designs in a good party vendor’s selections. They would usually have a great assortment to choose from.


Think of creating a backdrop. Using a backdrop on your dessert table creates depth and also frames the table. The internet is full of backdrop ideas that you can pick-up on. This simple technique can usually bring your table to life.


Use labels sparingly. A good guide would be if there were dessert items not easily identifiable, label them. If they are obviously what they are, then don’t.


There’s no harm in imitation or drawing inspiration from others. Check out other dessert tables for ideas and tricks and incorporate these with your own. Don’t be stingy with your ideas too, by sharing them with other people preparing a bash. Be inspired, and inspire back.


Prepare a variety of treats for your guests to enjoy. Five is a good number of delectable desserts to go by.


Group similar items with each other. Don’t mix and match different types of desserts on the same plate or stand.

Now, here are some specific dessert table ideas for two common occasions, wedding dessert tables and baby shower dessert tables.

Wedding Dessert Tables

Here are some essential rules to be guided by when you come-up with your special version of a wedding dessert table during that special marriage celebration.

1. Imagine it first

Come up with a key theme that will be the anchor inspiration for your set-uo. It could be the design of your invitations, your color themes, flowers or maybe a favorite dessert. Whatever it is, it helps to have a peg on which you will base the table.

2. Have a plan of execution

Great wedding dessert tables take a lot of time, preparation and organization to put together, particularly since this is such a special occasion. Make sure you have a plan of how you will seamlessly create your dessert table masterpiece. And don’t commit your plan to memory; write it down.

3. Create it

Now that you have imagined the table in your mind, and created a plan as to how you will make it, there shouldn’t be too much difficulty in creating it. A good plan that has been well-prepared conceptually and logistically will usually unfold with nary a hitch.

Baby Shower Dessert Tables

Here are some sample ideas that are nowadays popular choices for baby shower dessert tables.

1. Candy buffet

Your guests are surely to be delighted with a candy buffet. A colorful baby shower candy buffet filled with baby-themed treats is sure to be a hit in any baby shower. Choose some color to hint at the gender of the baby. Pastel colored candies work well for gender-neutral baby showers.

2. Pink dessert tables

If it’s a girl, don’t hold back. Go all the way with a totally feminine theme. What better way to do it but with pink splashes all over. Adding pink ribbons on candy containers will dolly them up and add more girl power. If you’re serving baked goods to your candy buffet, remember to pick out girly baking supplies.

3. Think original

Learn to create things that are original. You could disguise bubble gums as cigars if the baby is a boy, for example. These would also make for interesting conversation pieces. This will also double-up as fun giveaways or take-home favors, especially for anyone with kids left at home.